Clinic #1 hits 600 patients in a month (almost)

I genuinely don’t know how the clinic team does it! Beatrice, Ruth, Schola, Stanley, Josephine, Yvonne, Maureen and Shezaad have delivered another incredible performance in October.

We treated 596 members in October

The clinic grew another 20% from last month (for the second month in a row). We’re so close to hitting our milestone of 24 members a day.

Clinic delivered on 5 out of 8 “Vital Signs”

We set very, very difficult goals for the clinic each month, measured by 8 metrics that should correlate to overall success of the clinic. We fondly call them “Vital Signs”. In their best performance yet, the clinic delivered 5 out of 8 of its vital signs.

We’re starting to have problems with wait time

Our overall feedback from patients is still unbelievably positive. 94% of people who have ever walked through our doors have ranked us at 5 out 5 in terms of friendliness. Check out our friendliness scores over time:

And the reviews are similarly positive for how knowledgeable our staff are:

But now that we have 20+ patients everyday, lot at how the feedback to our wait times is going:

It’s not too good is it? And its getting worse. Time to make some changes and improvements. Here’s the clinic team’s plan:

  • Communicate more often and tell people what to expect in terms of wait time
  • Set expectations a little big higher (if it’s usually 30 mins, tell them 40 mins)
  • More education and general entertainment while people are waiting
  • Bring a locum provider on Fris and Sats
  • [long term] do a full review of our patient flow and see how we can improve wait times

Beatrice, how do you guys do it?

It’s Saturday morning at 8:45am. I called Beatrice to ask her how she does it. Here’s what she said:

“Sijui” (I don’t know)

“Come on, how do really you do it?” She answered:


After some convincing her not to be humble, here’s the real answers:

“The first is staff motivation – they work really hard. Next is service mix. We added a lab, providers are doing more services after trainings and we’re almost ready with well-baby clinic and it’s really helping. Also quality and making sure they get the quality they need.

“We have the best referral system ever (it’s not complete, but it’s almost there). When we have to refer people to another place, first we call a doctor there and let them know that our member is coming to them. Then we make sure our member reaches. Then we call them after to follow up and see how it was. If we do this they’ll come back to us again. People say that “Penda makes sure the doctor will be friendly”.

“Reaching out to the people who don’t know about our services. Marketing. A huge one is that with the patient we have we treat them really, really well, because they are our biggest marketers. They get the Penda patient experience.”

Also, we finally have a generator

We lose power 1-2 days a week. What took us so long to get one? Lazy, lazy cofounder named Nicholas. Who hired that guy?! And how did it finally get done? Shezaad and Kasamba took care of it. Thanks guys.

Delivering on our social goals

On October 16th-17th, to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we hosted an event with Kenya Women’s Finance Trust (KWFT) where we offered free breast cancer screenings to any attendee. At the end of the second day, we had given over 750 free breast cancer screenings! And, with every screening, we gave our patients information on breast cancer and the importance of getting checked frequently, along with taking other preventative measures. So not only did we screen tons of people, we also increased awareness of breast cancer in our community.

Parade for Penda’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day

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