About Penda

Penda Health provides high-quality, affordable, outpatient healthcare through a chain of health clinics.  By 2020 we will operate over 100 clinics across Kenya with millions of happy patients.  Penda Health aims to be affordable to everyone in Kenya, including low- and middle-income population, which is projected to spend roughly $2B on outpatient services by 2020. We believe there is a massive market opportunity to provide healthcare to this population, as it is currently served by overburdened public-sector solutions (government clinics) and a fragmented pool of “stand-alone hospitalis” (typically setup by a lone doctor, nurse or “quack”).

Clinic # 1 open and growing. Penda Health launched its first clinic in February 2012 and is focused on ensuring medical quality, giving patients a superior experience, building local buzz, recruiting service-oriented staff, and making Penda clinics the friendliest in Africa.

In the first 7 months of business our first clinic has had over 3,000 patient visits with an average spend of $5-$6, meanwhile we are continuously striving to validate our model and improve service quality and delivery.

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